Austin, TX

Hey guys, guess who? That’s right. It’s Rachel.

A couple of weeks ago, my bestie and I took a long weekend to fly down to Austin to visit one of our great and beautiful friends from school. As you can expect, I pretty much had my camera glued to my hand the whole time, and took lots and LOTS of pictures (mostly portraits of the beautiful humans that I’m lucky to call my friends. what can I say? portraits are my fave). So, I pulled a few of my favorite photos from the weekend together and threw them on here for y’all to see.


Who says airports aren’t fun?

airport photographycolorful wallairport photography


This dog is the BEST! And can we just acknowledge the beauty that is this home?


austin homeyorkieyard decor

And this great diner, which has undoubtedly the BEST veggie burger of all time. Just saying. (and some excellent lighting)


diner photoboothportrait

(bonus: this fantastic cactus)


cactus portraitcactus portrait

Austin has some superb views, and some flaming sunsets.



A moment of silence for this beauty.



And this one.

black and white portrait

Aaaaand finally, some moments of friendship and love. Go visit your friends, people. It’s worth it.


austin bridgecoffee shop portraitwindy hair portraitaustin portraitboat marina


Thanks for reading, people, and have a golden day.


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